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Bio Ethanol Fireplace Charlie 2

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Charlie 2 biofireplace

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Charlie 2 bio fireplace will give your home a warm, elegant and very friendly atmosphere.

The model has a unique single stainless steel burner with a capacity of 1.5 liters.

Photos as in the photos: black, copper, silver and gold.

This fireplace can be either built-in or suspended, it does not need assembly, in fact all our fireplaces arrive already assembled and you just have to to be located on the wall. It arrives already assembled and ready for use.

The fuel used for the operation is bioethanol, which is a natural fuel.

The price of bioethanol is equivalent per hour to the price of traditional wood-burning fireplaces, without the annoying disadvantages of wood storage, pollution and smoking.

In general, the ethanol fireplace does not require any maintenance after assembly, does not produce ash or debris and the presence of elements, which can be exposed to wear is completely prevented, which ensures constant stability over time. Nothing can to be simpler, just pour the bioethanol into the burner and ignite it with a piezoelectric lighter (long kitchen lighters).


  • Do NOT need a chimney.
  • Do NOT connect to the electrical system.
  • They are NOT connected to the gas system.
  • Do NOT produce smoke.
  • Do NOT produce ash.
  • Do NOT leave unpleasant scents.

There are many good reasons for choosing to buy a bioethanol fireplace!

Does the bioethanol fireplace need a flue?

No, the bioethanol fireplace does not need any flue, as there are no fumes, noxious emissions and residues, there is no need to install flues.

Can I use them as a heating source?

Bioethanol fireplaces produce a living flame, therefore they heat, but in proportion. Their primary function is obviously the aesthetic one, but they are still able to donate heat to the environment by developing heat from 3 to 4 kw / h approximately, depending on the capacity of the burner and the intensity of the flame, the heat is not dispersed through the flue remains concentrated inside the room in which the bio-fireplace is lit, managing to heat even 20 or 30 square meters.

Does the bioethanol fireplace consume a lot?

Consumption mainly depends on the power of the flame, which can often be adjusted in its intensity, as well as on the capacity and model. A flame at maximum power can consume 1L in 2 hours, while at minimum power the same amount of bioethanol can last up to 10 hours.

Does it produce gases or toxic substances?

Absolutely not! The bioethanol fireplace does not mount a flue precisely because no toxic substance is produced from the combustion of bioethanol, nor is there any production of odors (on the contrary, we recommend adding a few drops of your favorite essence to the bioethanol, using the bioethanol fireplace also as a diffuser of fragrances).

Are they resistant? Do they need maintenance?

The ethanol fireplace generally does not require any maintenance after assembly, it does not produce ash and residues, furthermore the presence of elements that may be subject to wear is totally avoided, guaranteeing constant stability over time.

Do they need a connection to the electrical or gas system?

The bio-fireplace does not need any connection to any type of system, it can easily be moved or positioned where it suits you best, like a piece of furniture.

Is the operation complicated?

Nothing simpler, just pour the bioethanol into the burner and set it on fire using a piezoelectric lighter (long kitchen ones).

Charlie 2



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